As part of my self-improvement aim of doing something new everyday, I visited Holly Hagg Farm in Sheffield and walked their lovely Alpaca, Santiago.  What do you think of this vlog? Would you walk an Alpaca?


Get To Know Me in 50 Questions VIDEO

Covet Luxe tagged me in this very revealing series. Considering the questions were really personal, I decided to do a video response instead. So, below the video is embedded. Hope you like! Subscribe here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDs3tOrXQCE1d7MrLXuQCNw Let me know what video you would like to see next! Thank you for watching, and remember to SUBSCRIBE. I am... Continue Reading →


I love tea, but the teeth-staining colourings have left me searching for clear and natural alternatives to tea. I accidentally stumbled upon this refreshing hot drink at a cafe with my friend. Desperate to try it again, I have put together an easy recipe on how to make your own naturally healthy, hot peppermint drink.... Continue Reading →

Are You Scared?

A few weeks ago I posted "New Beginnings" where I was looking for a new career move, and reflecting on post-uni life. It was all going well, but I was finishing my internship without a new job. Now, all of that has changed. The question I am faced with is "are you scared?" Would you... Continue Reading →

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Last night I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself after suffering from sinus problems. I had been looking forward to attending a comedy night, so despite being under the weather I was not willing to turn it down! Not really feeling up to it, I dragged myself out and learned a very important lesson...... Continue Reading →

Turn Back The Time on Makeup Application

When I posted these Hermione Granger Time Turner makeup brushes on Instagram, my inbox was filled with questions and a lot of love for these quirky tools. I will try to answer all the questions, and add my own little review here.  The Review These handmade Hermione Granger Time Turner makeup brushes were bought on Etsy... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Sometimes in life new beginnings bring new opportunities. The ending of my internship is a perfect time to reflect on this year and what I have learned about myself along the way. I have realised what I want from a job. Ever since school I had a range of jobs, but never felt like I would... Continue Reading →


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