As part of my self-improvement aim of doing something new everyday, I visited Holly Hagg Farm in Sheffield and walked their lovely Alpaca, Santiago.  What do you think of this vlog? Would you walk an Alpaca?


Get Your Big Break – A Tried And Tested Method

It can be frustrating chasing that big break to kickstart the dream career! Do you sometimes wonder whether it is ever going to happen? I know exactly why the big break for your career has not arrived yet - I have been through it myself. All you need is one simple method, it is almost too... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me in 50 Questions VIDEO

Covet Luxe tagged me in this very revealing series. Considering the questions were really personal, I decided to do a video response instead. So, below the video is embedded. Hope you like! Subscribe here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDs3tOrXQCE1d7MrLXuQCNw Let me know what video you would like to see next! Thank you for watching, and remember to SUBSCRIBE. I am... Continue Reading →


I love tea, but the teeth-staining colourings have left me searching for clear and natural alternatives to tea. I accidentally stumbled upon this refreshing hot drink at a cafe with my friend. Desperate to try it again, I have put together an easy recipe on how to make your own naturally healthy, hot peppermint drink.... Continue Reading →

Are You Scared?

A few weeks ago I posted "New Beginnings" where I was looking for a new career move, and reflecting on post-uni life. It was all going well, but I was finishing my internship without a new job. Now, all of that has changed. The question I am faced with is "are you scared?" Would you... Continue Reading →

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Last night I was feeling a little bit sorry for myself after suffering from sinus problems. I had been looking forward to attending a comedy night, so despite being under the weather I was not willing to turn it down! Not really feeling up to it, I dragged myself out and learned a very important lesson...... Continue Reading →

Turn Back The Time on Makeup Application

When I posted these Hermione Granger Time Turner makeup brushes on Instagram, my inbox was filled with questions and a lot of love for these quirky tools. I will try to answer all the questions, and add my own little review here.  The Review These handmade Hermione Granger Time Turner makeup brushes were bought on Etsy... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Sometimes in life new beginnings bring new opportunities. The ending of my internship is a perfect time to reflect on this year and what I have learned about myself along the way. I have realised what I want from a job. Ever since school I had a range of jobs, but never felt like I would... Continue Reading →


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